Harian metro

Harian metro

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What is Harian Metro? It's one of the most famous newspaper in Malaysia, published in Malay language. It sells around about 480.000 copies per day during the weekends. Starting from 2003 they created five different regional editions: the "Malacca, the South, the Central, the East, the North edition). The "Harian Metro Newsletter" was also the first daily afternoon tabloid in Malaysia ( in Klang Valley). At this moment, Harian Metro "format" is tabloid. The "Johor Bahru", the southern version of Harian Metro was launched in 1992. On 16th May 1994 the "- Edisi Timur" version was launched. The last "Sarawak and Sabah edition" was launched just few years ago and has more than 60 pages. Harian Metro Newspaper it's priced around RM1.50. Datuk Zainul Arifin Mohammed Isa is the NSTP group managing editor. The New Straits Times Press Berhad owned this newspaper for a long time. The Harian Metro readers grew up very rapidly going from about 100.000 readers in '92 up to 4 million (for Metro Ahad format) and 2 million for the Harian Metro format, in 2009.

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